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National One-thousand-talent Plan

1. Introduction

  It is an essential strategic plan to carry out the program of recruiting overseas high-level talents authorized by the Party Central Committee, which is really meaningful to better implement the strategy of reinvigorating China through talents so as to speed up the construction of an innovative country. Based on the demanding for national strategies and economic and social development, the plan is mainly backed up by national key innovative projects, disciplines and laboratories as well as sci-tech gardens on the purpose of recruiting overseas high-level talents. China plans to import as many as 2,000 experts and scholars from famous foreign universities and research institutions in 5 to 10 years since 2008. 

2. Employment of Disciplines and Laboratories

  Key discipline: Material Science and Engineering, Marine and Ocean Engineering, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, Mineral Processing Engineering.

  Key laboratories: State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing, State Engineering Laboratory of Fiber Optic Sensing Technology.


3. Requirements/Qualifications

  (1) The candidate should obtain his doctor's degree from overseas universities and not older than 55.

  (2) The candidate should hold the professorship (or a similar position) in overseas famous universities, sci-tech institutions and international famous enterprises or financial organizations.

  (3) The candidate should have been working in the fields of natural science, engineering technology, economy and finance and management, etc. Furthermore, the candidate should also possess first-level research abilities and have published important as well as influential academic papers in key journals in recent 5 years; or the candidate has acquired international key sci-tech awards/important experimental skills/key technology of sci-tech engineering construction.

  (4) The candidate should promise to be in position in half a year after the admission of "One-thousand-talent Plan" and should have been working in China for at least 3 years with no less than 9 months' working hours each year. To those talents who are particularly distinguished or in urgent need, the requirement of working hours per year in China can be reduced to 6 months only if he/she has reasonable explanations.