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MouhamadouMoustapha BARRO


Hello everybody!

My name is Mouhamadou Moustapha BARRO (保罗)Im from Senegal (塞内加尔)I came to China since 2008, I’ve learned Chinese Language for one year and earned a Computer Science bachelor degree at Wuhan University of technology in July 2013, and now I’m enrolled  by the Chinese Government Scholarship Council for a master Degree in Telecommunication Engineering in Wuhan University of Technology. My life in China has been great despite all the difficulties I encounter during the beginning of my stay because of the help of the International student office, my classmates, my teachers and my friends. Chinese people are very friendly, I have a lot of Chinese and foreigner friends, I enjoy living and studying in Wuhan University of Technology. China is a wonderful cause u can study very well and also learn a lot about Chinese large history and culture.
Welcome to China!!!

Welcome to Wuhan University of Technology!!!



Chun Juhyun

http://sie.whut.edu.cn/english/UploadFiles_8805/201411/20141114104528606.jpgMy name is Chun Juhyun. I am from South Korea. In February 2012, I came to Wuhan University of Technology as part of a student exchange program. It was my first time to go abroad for study. I learnt chinese language for one year. During that time, I had gotten not only chinese language skill but also a lot of experience about study, life, relationship and so on. If I were only in Korea, I wouldn't get these valuable experiences. So, I decided to take a graduate course in China again.My life in China has been wonderful and interesting since I arrived, of course there were some difficulties such as external and internal hardship. Every time I had problems that are now being faced, International Students Office and friends tried to help me work through difficulties. Like everything else, none of these things is without difficulties. China is a country of great opportunities, especially in Wuhan University of Technology. I am grateful to Wuhan University of Technology for giving opportunity to study here. I'm really excited about making my future in China. If there is someone who is worrying about being face with difficulties in China, I want to tell them : Don't hesitate! Just do it!



Erika Zoeller Veras


http://sie.whut.edu.cn/english/UploadFiles_8805/201411/20141114104547357.jpgMy name is Erika Zoeller Veras and I am from Brazil. Since 2006 I have had the amazing opportunity to be part of Wuhan University of Technology - WUT. I first came with a scholarship from the China Scholarship Council to do my MBA at the School of Management. Seven years ago I landed in Wuhan on very hot summer day. The ride from the airport gave me some signals that the city was going through huge transformations and constructions were everywhere.
Many were the challenges by that time, not only in terms of academic aspects but also in terms of life in Wuhan. Slowly, I got to learn more about the university and the city and this long-term relationship started to flourish. Being the monitor of the MBA group gave me the chance to understand different cultures, countries, religions and different backgrounds. Trying to overcome these differences together among more than 15 nationalities gave the group the chance to grow stronger and we had the opportunity to make good friends from all over the world. 
The Chinese culture is very rich and being in Wuhan is a great chance to learn more about this country and all its facets. Learning the language also provides a unique experience to understand the Chinese way of thinking and living.  Life in the campus is vivid and there is not a day that you cannot learn from this experience. The surroundings of the university improved dramatically along the last years. Old buildings will have been torn down; new skyscrapers will have emerged from a land where there was nothing. The city is becoming more modern and international.

My years at WUT also gave me the chance to witness many positive changes at the university aiming to elevate the studies’ level and the academic performance. The School of International Education and the International office are always working towards improvements concerning the students’ lives and are open to dialogue with them to meet their needs and expectations.

My research at WUT (both MBA and PhD) put me in touch with issues of my concern and interest such as management, entrepreneurship, diversity and women in business. And since 2006 I have been attending national and international conferences, having the chance to meet scholars from all over the world and exchanging ideas, besides having my papers published in several countries.
At the same time, the university is also open to new partnerships. So I had the honor to bridge academic opportunities between my country and China. In 2009 I introduced my alma-mater (PUCSP) to Wuhan University of Technology and since then Brazil is taking part in the ICIM – International Conference of Innovation and Management – initiated by WUT 10 years ago.  In the same year I enrolled in the PhD program at WUT and soon will be defending my thesis. Many were the positive outcomes of being part of this university and many more are yet to come. WUT will be always in my mind and in my heart. I will definitely miss my life in here. Thank you for everything!



Hussein Ghaleb


http://sie.whut.edu.cn/english/UploadFiles_8805/201411/20141114104605268.jpgI’m Hussein Ghaleb, from Yemen. I came to China in 2006. The major point why I came here to study was because I was really curious about the culture and the people. In my home country a lot of people talked about the advantages of studying in China so I made my decision to give China a try.
At first I started studying Chinese language in Guangzhou. I stayed there nearly one year before I made my decision to come to Wuhan to continue my study at Wuhan University of Technology. A friend, who was studying at WHUT as well, suggested me to come here because of the good abilities to study Chinese here. Till now I’m really happy that I decided to study here.

Wuhan gave me much more opportunities to practice my Chinese than I could ever found in Guangzhou. So I started to study Chinese language for one year before I started my bachelor in International Economic and Trade. After the 4 years of my bachelor studies the Wuhan University of Technology offered me a scholarship to continue studying a Master degree. I’m really glad and proud to study my MBA here at this University and hopefully I can go on to study here my PHD as well.
Now about my life beside the studying. Like every foreigner who comes to China for the first time, it is hard to get used to all the new things here. The new language, all the new people you meet with all their different mentalities, the food and so on. But after you got used to all this you will start to enjoy your life in China.

Till now there is still a lot of new stuff for me in Wuhan. Even after six years this city and the people here let me learn a lot of new things. It will never become boring here as well it became kind of my home.
The most important thing at the beginning is to learn the Chinese language and the most important habits to understand the people here and to treat them with respect. As long as you do this they will always try to help you and invite you to experience their daily life and their culture.
So all in all I can only recommend all of you to start studying here at Wuhan University of Technology, here you will find good friends, great teachers who are willing to help you any time and great experiences with a total new culture.


Melissa Araoune

My name is Melissa, I am 22. I come from INSA CVL, a college of sciences and engineering based in the Loire Valley in France. As an exchange student, I stay in China for five months to study Mechanical Engineering. Thanks to this exchange program, I discovered a wonderful country with its culture, its traditions and its history.


Chinese people are welcoming, helpful and open minded. I want to state my gratitude to Wuhan University of Technology for the opportunity given and to the International Students office for their support. Academically, spend one semester abroad deepens our knowledge of foreign languages and brings an international perspective to our degree. Study here is an amazing experience, the atmosphere is friendly and multi-cultural. A lot of nationalities are represented, it is a really good way to open ourselves up to the world.