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Student‘s Clubs

Name of  ClubsName of  Clubs
College Students' Art TroupeYoung Volunteers Association
American English ClubFrench Association
Law AssociationEnglish Association
Japanese AssociationOcean Wave Oral English Club
Mathematical Modeling AssociationAutomobile Association
Association of Mechanical and Electronic InnovationAdvertisement Association
Computer AssociationCareer Planning and Development Association
Business Starting and Employment ClubSocial Work Club
Environmental Protection AssociationFuture Manager Association
Students' Science and Technology AssociationMental Quality Exploration Association
E-commerce AssociationMarketing Association
Electronic Science and Technology AssociationAnimation Club
Photography ClubMovie Club
Kongfu ClubRoller Skating Club
Football AssociationPing-Pong Association
Badminton AssociationDart Association
Basketball AssociationBilliards Association
Volleyball AssociationBicycle Association
Tennis ClubBaseball Association
Bridge AssociationLuguo Literature Club
Yuandian Literature ClubWenqu Literature Club
Fine Arts ClubChess Club
Stamp Collectors' ClubEQ Club
Chinese Opera ClubGuitar Club
Electronic Sport AssociationShuiyifang Troupe
Hiphop ClubAstronomers Club
Wader (Angler's)ClubChinese Calligraphy and Painting Club
DV Club