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Matthew Y. Sfeir, a Distinguished Expert for the Hundred Talents Program Joined WUT


On May 18th, inauguration ceremony of Matthew Y. Sfeir, one of the distinguished experts of Hubei Province "Hundred Talents Program" (foreign experts) was held in the WUT library Lecture Hall.

  The ceremony was presided over by Sun Taolei, Dean of the School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Life Sciences. Vice President Liu Zuyuan, on behalf of WUT signed the "Hundred Talents Program" specialists work contract with Dr. Matt Sfeir, and expressed warm welcome and sincere thanks to Dr. Sfeirto. It is hoped that the two sides will carry out substantive cooperation in the future, and to lead to break through the key scientific research and technology, cultivate an internationally competitive innovation team in the field of optoelectronic functional materials and their applications, and play a significant demonstration and lead role in scientific research cooperation, discipline construction, personnel training, social services. At the same time, Vice President Liu Zuyuan required university departments and related schools to take the initiative to serve the work of talent, cherish and use high-level talent resources, give full play to their academic leadership, and promote the development of related disciplines.

  Dr. Sfeir expressed his gratitude and honor for signing WUT. He reviewed the good foundation of cooperation with WUT professors and his enthusiasm and concern of the "Hundred Talents Program" of Hubei Province. He said that he would actively build an international cooperation platform to carry out high level of cooperation and personnel training in the relevant research areas with WUT.

  After the appointment ceremony, Dr. Sfeir delivered an academic report "Multiple Exciton Generation in Isolated Organic Molecules".

  Dr. Matthew Y. Sfeir is a tenure scientist at the Functional Nano Materials Center of Brookhaven National Laboratory in Brooklyn, USA. His main research direction is the Exciton Kinetics Process in the photoelectric conversion process, and he has made original achievements in the fields of photovoltaic, photocatalysis and laser applications. He has published more than 60 papers in Science, Nature Materials, Nature Photonics and other magazines, his research results have been repeatedly reported by the media and professional magazines. He is an expert in ultrafast and non-linear spectroscopy instrument development and application.