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Applied Economics Mobile

Teaching language English
Degree Master's degree
Duration 2 years
Start date 2022 autumn
Tuition fee CNY27000/Y
Application fee 500 (RMB) / 87 (USD)

Economics is a two/three-year postgraduate program in which two major sections are placed separately in course study and research training. The completion of this program depends on the credits earned by the students from the below mentioned under the supervisor's instruction after enrollment and research work. 30 credits are required in this program, among which 20 credits are from major course taking.   

  Courses: Chinese, Introduction to China, Microeconomics, International Economics, International Marketing, Chinese Business Culture, Macroeconomics, Investment Decision-Making, Quantitative Economics, Industrial organization, Advanced International Business, International Financial Management, Special Topics on Chinese Economy (Lecture Series).

  Thesis Research: Thesis Proposal, Thesis Defense.